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Passing through the news pages of our business you will learn when and how it was created, the tradition of the past nearly 35 years. This modern smithy was created and began operating in 1984. The equipment is modern, so that required skilled blacksmiths with a minimum of secondary education. Staff are prepared in one-year qualification in education center Lola Ribar - Zeleznik - Belgrade. The practical part is accompanied by the watchful eye of many years of experience (over 100 years) Lola's blacksmith, technologists and engineers. One word,  masters of traditional crafts with old equipment inherited as an educated young blacksmiths forging with modern machinery - hammers, presses.

Železnik                                                                                                         Lešak

The beginnings of forging Zeleznik dating from 1918 in the workshop for making agricultural tools.It used to be so and now it looks like this: