Quality Policy and Enviroment
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Quality Policy

is an integral part of business policy organizations LOLA FOT - Lesak and a framework for defining quality objectives, and is based on establishing a marketing-oriented business system that continuously improves aimed at achieving business excellence.
To that end, defines the following principles of quality policy (given information):


  1. Our products and services fully meet the requirements of regulations, standards and expectations of customers
  2. Top quality is realized at the same time lowering costs, increasing effectiveness, efficiency, productivity and profits.
  3. Improving the quality of the task and responsibility of managers at all levels and every employee.
  4. Teamwork management ensures flawless functioning horizontlanih business processes.
  5. Planning, prevention and improvement of the distinctive style of work in the organization.
  6. Establishing partnerships with suppliers is a permanent developmental orientation of the organization.
  7. Coordinated sustainable development in terms of environmental protection, saving natural resources, health and safety at work is a vision of leadership and all employees.
  8. The climate of cooperation, trust, and commitment to the company is based on the inclusion of employees in creating and improving business processes and products.
  9. Implementation of this policy and the achievement of a new organizational culture and competency to support adequate educational programs, training and motivation of all employees.
  10. Re-examination of the quality system ISO 9000 by the management is carried out in order to achieve kontinulanih improvements and implementation of the concept of total quality management (TQM) with the ultimate goal of business excellence.


Environmental Policy


is an integral part of business policy organizations LOLA FOT - Lesak framework for defining the goals of environmental protection in the level of odgovrnosti and environmental performance.

To that end, defines the following principles of environmental policy:

  1. Our products, services and processes in which they are implemented continuously harmonized with the requirements of regulations and interested parties with respect to their impact on the environment.
  2. The influence of environmental aspects of our products, services and processes to the change of environment is reduced to a minimum at all stages of the implementation of products and services.
  3. Reduction of the minimum of all significant adverse environmental impact of our products and processes is realized through the EMS integrated into the manufacturing specifications, regular processing activities and the selected technology.
  4. The obligation of all owners of the process that, as far as possible, prevent pollution, reduce waste and consumption of resources (material, energy, fuel) at the expense of their recycling and / or renewal.
  5. Compliance sustainable development of the organization in terms of environmental, health and safety at work, as well as saving natural resources, the vision of management and all employees.
  6. Implementation of this policy is accompanied by increasing environmental awareness among employees through implementing appropriate adult education programs, training and motivation of all employees.
  7. Through the partnership is constantly encouraging suppliers to introduce EMS to components of products and processes which are implemented to meet the requirements of this policy.
  8. Specific local and regional conditions regarding the preservation of the environment are monitored and implanted in the EMS, and communication with all interested parties, provide public information on the state of the environment.
  9. Environmental policy is implemented in coordination with the policy of quality, health and safety policies at work, as well as other policies in the organization.
  10. Continuous improvement of policies and EMS are achieved through regular review by management with the aim of achieving sustainable development and excellence.