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Machines and equipment
Drop forging swaging machines
The line quality control
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Facilities in our production process is structured to meet all the rules of production. Equipment for control of raw materials to be processed, the machine that processed raw materials, laboratory for final confirmation and quality control and standards.

  • Hammers
  • Bake
  • Drop forging swaging machines
  • The line quality control


A more detailed and graphic display monitor what we have and what we do.


hamers Hammers

Eight (8) hammer striking power than - up-producers of the USSR and Poland

Photo Line:

  • Warming up is done with gas (such as propane or butane) in furnaces with a stable, rotating and moving the fall.
  • Warming up is done in induction furnaces



masine Drop forging swaging machines


Three (3) machines with accompanying drop forging swaging presses kolenastim fraying forgings.


Forces from - to




furnace Furnaces


Five (5) furnace for heat treatment of forgings with 100 to 1000 Kg Processes that are performed:

  • Annealing
  • normalization


Photo furnace Improving the (oil and water) All thermal processes are managed and controlled automatically by computers

Photo furnaces pit and where (pools)

line quality The line quality control

Control laboratory raw material

Photo laboratory scale apparatus and so on.

Laboratory quality control surface and interior positions.

Ultrasonic control with the device

Photo at work on the piece.


Laboratory for quality control where output quality is confirmed

Output quality control to confirm the final product.

Photo which to control the computer thermal processing, measuring device hardness.