About Products

Production program Lola! makes the production of forged and pressed products based on steel and ferrous metals.

Produces Lola! in the fields of machine building, shipbuilding, Electricity, Mining, Automotive and timber industry, agricultural machinery, railway.

Lola! in Lesak produces:

  • Axis
  • Shafts
  • Gear
  • Clutches
  • Flanges
  • Track equipment
  • Villas for forklifts
  • Nuts
  • Screws of larger dimensions
  • Elise

Forged's steels and steaks are done free hand by hand moldly(matrix)


  • Forged steels
    • Forged in molds
    • Free hand by hand forged
  • Forged steels
    • roughly handled, tested and thermally processed
  • Parts made from forgings per customer's request (spare part)

Production capacity is 2000 t per year free of mass 1000kg-Statesman 4000Kg

Matrix Statesman 1000t annual weight of 0.3 to 40kg

The parts are made in three stages of readiness.


  1. Forged steel
  2. Forged steel, processed and improve to measure
  3. The final part of the installation

All three products are regularly tested visual and ultrasonic methods, and all the customer's request and required by the drawing.

Production of parts in order to achieve quality EN9001 organize and monitor experts with years of experience in these matters.

Management that is guaranteed manufactured organized as follows:

The production process is organized into the following groups:

Preparation of material - including qualitative research reinstallation and cutting the required weight and length.

Department cuts - is equipped with machines for cutting (severing the cold) to the intersection of Ø166mm, mechanical saws for cutting Ø40 - Ø570 mm

Blacksmith facilities - have cast a line for free hand by hand which is equipped with machinery to bring the handling of pieces in the design for the masses from 200 to 4000Kg,

  1. Matrix Forging - on the lines equipped with electric induction furnaces, conveyors, presses for fraying.

Heating material Lola! has three energy sources:

  1. Propane butane
  2. Oil
  3. Electric induction

Machine capacity - are sufficient to be done on them all kinds of mechanical processing:

  1. Drilling machines
  2. Milling machines
  3. Grinding machines

The factory can process parts of 4000Kg and up to 5000mm.

Heat treatment plant - is equipped to be able to carry out all types of annealing in a horizontal as well as hardening the drop in the vertical plane in the oil and water resources.

The whole production process follows the modern digital equipment with the issuance of the diagram.

Final control - is an independent laboratory and has equipment for mechanical and ultrasound control.

LOLA! Lešak FOT is one of the top 5 companies of former Yugoslavia, which in 1998 received a certificate for a quality product from Germany TUV center.

Lola! working as a public company for processing metals. Production program Lole! makes the production of forged and pressed products based on steel and ferrous metals. Lola! is optimized for forging, pressing, milling, ...................... But can be applied to new systems processing only requires additional customization tools and machines. Lola! Lešak is a branch of a large complex of Lola! Belgrade.