Production capacity

Factory forgings Ltd. Belgrade - Lešak, known by the shortened name of Lola "FOT" - Lešak, is a specialized factory for the production of spare parts on the basis of steel forgings.The capacity is 1600 tonnes of drop forging swaging and free hand forging 2000 tons.

One is the youngest blacksmith's shop in the former Yugoslavia and the Balkans and secure. Thermal processes carried out in the plant heat treatment: normalization, annealing, improvement (oil and water) in a vertical plane.

Forged steels are:

  • Mass of 0.5 kg to 35 kg in the tool
  • Mass of 1 kg to 5000 kg free hand

Shafts and axles:

  • Ring parts of the Ø 1600 mm, weight 1000 kg, width up to 350 mm
  • Shotgun diameter up to Ø 1200 mm, width up to 550 mm, weighing up to 1000 kg
  • Gears up to Ø 1200 mm, 400 mm H = 400 mm

Machining is done in the plant with the available machines

  • Horizontal plane of 5500 mm L
  • Universal vertical lathe Ø 1300 mm G = 4000 Kg
  • Drills
  • Milling cutter machines
    • on milling
    • Borverk with a number of Equipment in the three axes of mass G = 4000 kg